State troopers say speed a recurring factor in deadly crashes, urge you to be proactive

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. -- Working in law enforcement for over thirty years, State Trooper Curtis Summerville has seen his share of fatal crashes. He said speed is a recurring factor.

"You know the speed limit is what it is, whatever that black and white sign says is the speed limit," he emphasized.

As drivers, one of the hardest parts is that you can't control who you share the road with. Summerville said the best thing you can do is to just remember that.

"Keep in mind other drivers bring their own set of problems to the roadway," he said.

Their own problems, and their own decisions. Whether that might be speeding or not wearing a seat belt, regardless it can have consequences for you.

"We want to you be proactive, and proactive means you expect the unexpected. You look ahead in terms of what might happen, and always keep that in mind. Be mindful that when you're approaching that intersection the other car may not stop for that stop sign, they may not stop for that red light," Summerville explained.

Though it might not be fair that the burden falls on you, it's the best way to stay safe.

"So when you're out there it's up to you to obey the speed laws, to be courteous, to be thoughtful of those other drivers," said Summerville.

A majority of deadly wrecks are the result of one thing. Choices.

"We get to see the end result of the consequences of that choice, that decision you made, because it's all about choices," said Summerville.

As of Tuesday, State Troopers said they have investigated 51 deadly wrecks this year. That's already 11 more than this time last year.

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