State Troopers remind drivers not to be distracted by fireworks on I-565

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – There will be congestion on Interstate 565 on the Fourth of July because of the Space and Rocket Center's annual fireworks show. The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency wants to remind drivers to be safe.

When you're behind the wheel there are already so many distractions and fireworks are one more on Independence Day.

State Troopers want to remind folks to keep their eye on the road and not in the sky at the fireworks.

Alabama State Trooper Curtis Summerville said he wouldn`t be surprised if there are wrecks because drivers get distracted by the lights in the sky.

"Even though you yourself feel like you are doing everything that you are supposed to be doing think about that driver coming towards you. He or she may not be really focusing on what they are doing," Trooper Curtis Summerville said.

The firework show at the Space and Rocket Center draws a huge crowd each year and they don`t have enough parking for everyone.

Every year folks will park along the interstate to watch the show, but it's dangerous.

"Because if you`re parking on the side of the road where there is a right away or roadway you are actually in violation. Not only can you be ticketed for doing that it also may cause some danger," Trooper Summerville explained.

Trooper Summerville said, in general, there will be a lot more people on the road traveling for the holiday, so be aware of your surroundings at all times while behind the wheel.

"You also have to keep in mind alcohol consumption this time of year. There may be people drinking," Trooper Summerville said.

Alabama State Troopers want folks to go out and celebrate the fourth, but be safe while doing so.

Trooper Summerville also wants to remind people to not drink and drive, and always wear your seatbelt.

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