State Rep. gives advice to newly inducted Huntsville Police Officers

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – These days, being a police officer may not be the most sought after job. Although, 21 new Huntsville police officers graduated from the Police Academy Friday, committed to serving their community and country.

State Representative Mike Ball knows what it takes to serve, not only his country, but his community as well. He calls the opportunity to speak at the Huntsville Police Academy graduation an honorable moment, letting young officers know what he says he wishes he would have known during his time.  “The main thing I really wanted to emphasize to each one of them is to examine their own hearts, repeatedly, all the time, constantly. To never let their guard down in their own heart,” said Ball.

These days can be trying times for police officers around the country, but Representative Ball tells young officers to stay true through all the obstacles. “The stress and the challenges and and the moral and ethical decisions that you have to make every day requires constant inventory and there are lots of traps out there,” said Ball.

Ball says any police officer must be ready for whatever their work day brings. “A police officer has to take what comes, and be able to react to what comes and to be able to understand and analyze what’s going on and what the right thing to do is,” explained Ball.

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