Starting Tuesday: Traffic Lights at Charlotte Drive and Boulevard South on Memorial will be removed

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Normally, road crews add traffic lights to improve safety. But Tuesday, ALDOT will be removing two traffic signals along Memorial Parkway.

The signals will be removed tomorrow after morning rush hour.  “It’s just at the point where this has to be done," says Seth Burkett, a spokesman for ALDOT.

Burkett says the signals at Charlotte Drive and Boulevard South have to come down so that construction on new parkway interchanges can eventually go up. “The signal poles are currently obstructing construction on the service roads, so they have to be moved," he says.

For drivers going north and south down Memorial, it may actually be an improvement. There won't be a red light to slow you down, but if you're on Charlotte or Boulevard South and want to turn left, you'll now have to turn right and make a u-turn down the road. “Ultimately, that’s going to be the final functionality of these intersections. They will be right in, right out only," says Burkett.

Completing the service roads is the first phase of construction on this stretch of parkway. He says the contractor is currently ahead of the December 2017 deadline. In the meantime, Tuesday, while crews are taking down the signals, you make see a lot of brake lights.  “There may be some delays during that time," says Burkett.

ALDOT officials say the signals at Byrd Springs and Lily Flagg Road will stay up because eventually overpasses will be constructed there.

The entire project is supposed to be complete by June 2019.

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