SRO training held at Grissom High School

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala - Fights at Grissom High School and threats made on Snapchat involving a firearm. These are things that have recently occurred that gave parents a reason for concern.

And city school leaders say none of this will be tolerated.

Today, an advanced school resource officer training took place at Grissom High School. Officers assessed the school's safety features. The SROs taking part in the training were from several areas, ranging from as close as Huntsville to as far away as Colorado.

These officers are assessing safety at Grissom.

"This is a wonderfully designed entrance," one officer said.

What they're looking at right here, safety features that keep a truck from driving through the front doors.

They also assessed safety in the gym.

"The first thing I always look for, me personally is where are the camera," Officer George Coleman said.

The school resource officers will are assessing safety problems and creating solutions. Coleman is an SRO at an alternative school in Huntsville.

He says safety is created in many ways, some of those may not seem obvious to the untrained eye.

"If an incident were to happen, obviously, you want the lighting to be as good as possible. Plus the psychological effects of lighting has obviously, it sounds crazy, but a calming effect," he said.

The three-day training also includes class work.

"This week the SROs are learning about student rights as they pertain to integration and looking at the big picture when it comes to school safety on your campuses," Madison City Police Corporal Chris Townsend said.

"Mental health as far as teenagers and adolescents, informal counseling, little things to look for, subtle changes in student behavior," Coleman said.

He says violence can occur at any school.

"What are we doing to make sure this doesn't happen, or if it does how can we be most prepared."

One way to be prepared is to continue training like this.

School officials at Grissom could be making some safety changes based on the training. One assistant principal and both school resource officers will view the findings.

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