SPOTTED: SLS, Saturn V on CBS’s “The Big Bang Theory”

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – A seemingly inconspicuous set design choice caught the attention of one Marshall Space Flight  Center employee.

Rockets developed and worked on right here in the Rocket City decorate the home of one of Big Bang Theory’s most popular science nerds.

Tucked in the background of Howard Wolowitz’s home are models of the Saturn V rocket, Space Launch System, and NASA’s Orion Spacecraft.

“We absolutely love programs like that that give the cool factor to science and math,” said Kim Henry, a spokesperson for Marshall Space Flight Center. “Even here, so many people the next day after an episode will talk about things on the episode that were discussed that may relate to their job here.”

NASA provides model rockets for educational and promotional purposes. They want people across the nation to get talking about what’s to come for space exploration.

“NASA’s on an exciting journey right now. We’re going to deep space. We’re eventually going to an asteroid and maybe even Mars,” said Henry. “[The SLS will] be the most powerful rocket we’ve ever built.  It’s exciting and we want the American public to know about it, to get behind it, get excited about it, to be a part of it.”

It’s not the first time NASA’s work got a nod from the show.  In a 2012 episode, Howard took a trip to the International Space Station.

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