Special election asks Huntsville voters to support city schools

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Huntsville City voters will go to the polls December 10 for a special election to recommit 15.5 mills in ad valorem taxes that support local schools and education.

A review of the school tax legislation last year indicated some ambiguity in the written language.

The current laws reference property in “Huntsville, Madison County” which doesn’t accurately reflect Huntsville City limits that now extend into Limestone County and Morgan County.

To correct this the city is hoping to combine the three current school property taxes into one, totaling the same amount of 15.5 mills.

“When you’re collecting a tax that has a little bit of ambiguity to it, then you’re not sure that you’ve got that tax in the future,” Mayor Battle said at a news conference Monday. “That you’ve got that form of revenue, that revenue stream.”

By replacing the old tax and the outdated language the City will ensure all property owners within its city limits are paying an equitable share of taxes to support local schools and education.

“That funding is just making sure that we have tomorrow the same exact funding that we have today, no new tax,” Battle said.

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