Sparkman Middle School students give back to community

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The preteen years are usually a time when students often worry just about themselves, but on Friday students at Sparkman Middle School put a focus on giving back.

80 students at Sparkman Middle School partnered with the Liberty Learning Foundation to create and present a variety of service projects.

One service project was about people giving back by donating warm clothes.

“We’re donating socks to the less fortunate since it’s getting colder and they are more vulnerable to frostbite,” said 7th-grade student Kirsten Stokesberry, who is part of the service team ‘Fuzzy Wuzzys.’

Another project was talking about suicide prevention. The service group ‘The Bright Side’ plans to pass out therapy cards to peers who are struggling.

The students also donated $1,500 worth of toys to the Huntsville Police Department and Madison County Sherif’s Office K-9 units.

Madison County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Stacy Bates told the students seeing their service projects meant a lot.

“It makes us feel good to see you guys actually doing project s that aren’t about you, it’s about others, and it’s about putting your community first,” said Chief Bates.

What the students are learning goes far beyond average academics.

“We encourage other students to do more community work because it’s not very often that I see kids doing community work,” said Stokesberry.

She wants to be an aerospace engineer and thanks to service projects like this she will have not only the education but the character to make it happen.

“If you do it when you are younger and start doing to more and more then it becomes a habit when you are older,” said Stokesberry.

If you would like to donate or support any of the student’s causes you can contact Sparkman Middle School at 256-851-4610 and ask for Corey Evans or Seth Hamilton.

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