South Florida evacuee is counting her blessings in the Rocket City

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HUTNSVILLE, Ala. - Paula Cavitt-Jackson is just one of many people who came to Huntsville to escape Hurricane Irma's wrath.

Cavitt-Jackson said she's one of the lucky ones. "We didn`t receive much damage. We have a lot of trees down. Tampa is not as lucky, but it didn`t hit as bad as they thought it was going to hit," Cavitt-Jackson explained.

She has lived in Bradenton, Florida for seven years and this was the first time her family evacuated because of a hurricane. "There are people that have been there longer saying it`s going to turn. So you know I guess they were used to it. I wasn`t used to it so I was getting out of there," Cavitt-Jackson said.

She came to the Rocket City with her husband and daughter, but left behind some family and friends. "I felt safe, so I was okay. But I felt bad for the people that stayed. We had some people that we trying to get them to come on and they didn`t," Cavitt-Jackson said.

She's thankful her community was spared, but at the same time sad for the Sunshine State. "It`s just devastating. I feel really bad for the people that are there. Just praying for them constantly, hoping everything will be okay," Cavitt-Jackson said.

She said just because her community wasn't severely damaged, this will not change her mind about evacuating in the future. She said it depends on the category of the storm. "Maybe not a one, because we are used to the tropical storms. But if it's a two maybe, three I`m out," Cavitt-Jackson said.

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