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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — News 19 is working to get answers about the accidental shooting that happened Friday at Sonnie Hereford Elementary School.

Because a juvenile is involved, Huntsville City Schools hasn’t shared many details about the investigation, including how the gun made it inside the school. Some parents told News 19 they were afraid to send their children back to school on Monday.

Classes at Sonnie Hereford resumed as usual on Monday, but the district would not confirm whether the student who police say shot himself in a fourth-grade classroom Friday morning was in attendance. They cited privacy concerns.

Police said the boy accidentally shot himself in class in front of his peers. Support staff was made available by the school for those students who witnessed the incident.

News 19 learned the child brought a 9mm handgun to school. The child is expected to be disciplined with the district’s Behavioral Learning Guide, which states that bringing a gun to school and firing it typically results in a 90-day expulsion.

“Sometimes students make mistakes and may unintentionally bring inappropriate items to school,” the guide states. “HCS’ desire is for students to learn from these mistakes.”

“If a student voluntarily surrenders possession of a prohibited item to school personnel before being asked about the item, being discovered to be in possession of the item, and using the item, the student will not be subject to Disciplinary Consequences,” the guide continues.

Huntsville Police didn’t say where the boy got the handgun or how the weapon got inside the school. News 19 asked whether an adult had been charged in the incident, a spokesperson for the department said they had no new information as the matter is still under investigation.

It remains unclear what actual consequences the student will face or whether he will be allowed to return to Sonnie Hereford Elementary.

As of Friday, the child was in stable condition.

Carlos Matthews, a member of the Huntsville City Board of Education, told News 19, “We know that the individual that was injured during the shooting is out of the hospital and at home with his parents. We do have grief counselors and they were there on Friday as well to support the students and teachers.”

Huntsville Police Deputy Chief Charles Brookes encourages parents who have weapons at home to lock them up safely.