Some local restaurants make decision to keep dining rooms closed


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Phuket Thai restaurant in Providence has made the decision to only use its outdoor patio for its seating option. 

Owner Suwit Phornroekngal has decided that the health of their customers and employees are more important. It’s just one of the many steps he and his wife are taking to reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

But, the decision hasn’t been an easy one. Mother Nature lately has been grey skies and rain and customers still want to dine in, but not outside.  

Phornroekngal said, “For the dining, you probably lose one half or a third on a rainy day, but again, you know we rather not open the dining room just to you know make money.” 

Even on rainy days, he’s standing his ground. He says with the restaurant being much smaller than a traditional one, the ceiling being low and the ventilation not as good as outside, he’s taking all things into consideration.  

 “You know what the best practice is to do, and they’re saying the least risky is to-go of course, and then the second you know that would be eating outside.” 

He knows that this won’t last forever, and sunny days are ahead, “We’re going to be ok, we can stay afloat. Because the main goal is to keep the restaurant open and then keep all the employees employed”. 

With numbers of cases back on the rise, he said that it’s not likely that they will be opening the dining room soon. 

The restaurant is still offering take-out and delivery, and if the weather permits, you can always dine outside for now.  

The Alabama Stay at Home Order is set to end on Friday, and Governor Kay Ivy hasn’t decided whether she’ll be renewing it.

That means restaurants can be open if they limit the parties to no more than eight guests and maintain at least six feet of space between tables.  

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