Some businesses plan to continue masking after mandate expires


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Alabama’s statewide mask mandate will expire on April 9, but some local businesses say not much will be changing for them.

Governor Kay Ivey has said Alabama’s mask mandate will not be extended again, but some businesses, both local and national, will still require masks after the mandate ends.

The owner of Phuket Thai restaurant in Huntsville says they will continue to operate at limited capacity to allow for social distancing and all employees will keep wearing masks.

“Right now we have only 30 percent dining in capacity. We will continue to do so. Masks are not really a big deal to people anymore; it has become a habit for people,” says Phuket Owner Suwit Phornroekngam.

Phuket Thai Restaurant has been in business at Providence in Huntsville for 15 years. The owner says before COVID-19 cases were even confirmed in America, they were getting a plan in place to best slow the spread of the virus.

“When it actually hit us in April, then we just started implementing what we had been implementing in Thailand and other countries in Asia, so that’s why we kind of know what we are supposed to do,” says Phornroekngam.

Mr. Suwit says keeping people healthy is a top priority, so they will continue to do everything they can to slow the spread of COVID-19 until more people can get vaccinated.

“We believe that when the time comes when everyone can get vaccinated or most of us get vaccinated then we can open. But for the employee, mask is mandatory,” says Phornroekngam.

You can find a list of businesses that will continue requiring masks right here on

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