Snow brings people out to play in Big Spring Park


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Tuesday’s weather had a “wow would you look at that factor.” The first snow of the season brought people out to play in downtown Huntsville.

Jordan Overton moved to Alabama a few months ago and was shocked to see snow here.

“We get snow pretty often there in Oklahoma and you know for here its super rare. You know it looked like we were going to see a little bit of snow today but this is pretty cool,” said Jordan Overton.

He’s not the only one who was excited by the first snow of the season. John Foley and his family jumped at the opportunity to spend time in the snow.

“We’re from Florida and we love it. First chance we got, we ran out,” said John Foley Jr.

Overton says the snow helps set the scene at Huntsville Tinsel Trail.

“You know the snow is falling on the Christmas trees which makes them look really good. It makes them look even better than it already does,” said Overton.

He says it’s amazing how a couple inches of snow can transform the area into a winter wonderland.

“You got the spring over there, and you can see the steam coming off of the spring which is also really cool because it’s so much colder than the water that’s inside the spring,” said Overton.

People at the park say, they are going home to hunker down before roads get icy but the adventure was worth it.

“Traffic is crazy right now on Memorial. Heading down here, it’s insane we had to take the back roads,” said Jr.

While we don’t expect widespread travel issues, it would be wise to give yourself a little extra time to get to where you’re going in the morning.

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