Huntsville Utilities Warns Small Businesses to be on Alert for Scam

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Huntsville Utilities tells WHNT News 19 just weeks after they warned about scammers targeting unsuspecting utilities customers, a small business has fallen victim to the scam.

Huntsville Utilities’ Bill Yell says over the past few weeks, small businesses have received calls from someone claiming to be with the utility company. They threaten either the business pay up, or their power will be cut off.

“It changes all the time, but this one they’re demanding either a credit card or cash cards. They’re demanding the money right away or they’ll be disconnected which is not how we work with our commercial customers,” said Yell.

Though Huntsville Utilities does contact their customers about past due bills, they only contact them after the bill reaches a certain amount and never demand same-day payment to prevent disconnection.

Yell says they have learned of one small business falling victim to the scam, and paying thousands of dollars to the scammers.

Police do have a lead on where the calls are coming from. Yell warns the calls are coming from a 205 area code.

“If you see a phone call from an area code outside of Huntsville, claiming its us, it’s not us,” warned Yell.

Yell asks if anyone receives a call from someone claiming to be with Huntsville Utilities, demanding same-day payment, or from an outside area code, they contact the utilities company immediately.