Skating in the Park not hindered by warm weather

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – There’s a lot of water on the Skating in the Park ice rink on Monday.

But the ice didn’t melt, even if you wouldn’t blame it for trying.

It’s actually just rain.

The rink can handle the temperature no problem.

Huntsville Museum of Art’s Dabsey Maxwell explains, “We have a 240-ton chiller that actually takes Glycol, which is a sugar-water concentrate. It pipes it at zero degrees Fahrenheit, to about a half-mile of coils that are actually under the rink.

They just spray water over the coils, and it freezes.

Maxwell says, “the temperatures really aren’t a problem. It is when the sun beats down, but not the temperature per se.”

They stay closed Monday, but Maxwell adds, “It’ll be fine, once we get rid of the rain, we’ll be OK.”

You might actually find it a nice way to cool off.

Maxwell jokes, “Last year in fact, we had people ice skating in shorts, and we said only in Alabama do you do that.”

You can find more on when you can skate in Big Spring Park here.