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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — A former Huntsville nurse accused of murdering her her husband by poisoning him with insulin will be in court this week for criminal trial. Marjorie ‘Nikki’ Cappello is charged with the death of James ‘Jim’ Cappello after police found his body in their home in 2018.

Nearly four years later, the trial is set to start on Monday.

Jim Cappello’s sister Jamie Weast remembers her brother as hardworking, generous and loving, especially towards his young daughter.

“He could make everyone laugh,” Weast said. “It was never quiet in the room. He was a talker; he could keep you on the phone a very long time, talking about everything.”

She said the 37-year-old private investigator was energetic and a bit of a workaholic, but he cared about the people around him.

“He was a great person,” Weast said. “He was a good service to the community, and he was everyone’s best friend.”

Cappello was initially reported missing by friends in September of 2018.

“We were beside ourselves,” Weast said. “Posting everything on social media and making posters.”

Weast said, at the time, the family did not suspect Jim’s wife had anything to do with his disappearance.

“We traveled up here to Alabama, about an eight, nine hour drive,” Weast said. “By the time we got here, there was crime scene tape around the house.”

Huntsville police investigators located Jim’s body inside his home on Lauderdale Road after executing a search. Nikki Capella is accused of poisoning her husband with insulin and charges with intentional murder.

“You would never think that you know someone capable of that,” Weast said. “I mean, she was in my wedding.”

Weast said she will attend her brother’s murder trial and hopes the community remembers her brother’s name as she seeks justice for him.

“Everyone’s been really great,” Weast said. “They’ve just welcomed us with open arms, and we feel like it’s another piece of our family here.”

The jury trial is set to begin Monday morning at the Madison County Courthouse.