ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) — The second annual Singing River Trail Launch Tank competition took place at Athens State University.

The competition aimed to highlight regional opportunities while encouraging entrepreneurship in North Alabama.

With over 200 onlookers in attendance, eight entrepreneurs from different Northern Alabama counties showcased their business ideas to a group of judges.

Vying for awards that will help propel and grow their businesses, entrepreneurs presented their business ideas that could also contribute to the Singing River Trail System.

The winner of this year’s competition was Nathan Tucker and Ash Moore of Rocket City Electric Bike Rentals. Tucker says they are looking forward to helping with more than just transportation on the trail.

“We really see it as an opportunity to get people from one spot to another on the trail and spread commerce to small towns along the Singing River Trail,” Tucker told News 19.

Dr. John Kvach the Executive Director of the Singing River Trail, said these entrepreneurs will help with the development of the project, which may also translate to involvement within the communities along the trail.

“I think it’s important that we also feed everything in between the people, the communities, and show them that we want to reinvest back into building businesses and building opportunities,” Kvach said.

Although Rocket City Electric Bike Rentals won the grand prize, all finalists were given award money that will help them get their businesses started.