Shuttle riders may see delayed pick-up times due to Church Street construction

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The city plans to close Church Street from Wheeler Avenue to Cleveland Avenue on May 28.

Drivers who want to travel from University Drive toward downtown will have to find a different travel route.

The city’s shuttle system happens to be based right in the middle of the upcoming road closure.

They said the road closure wasn’t a surprise.

“We’ve known its coming for several years,” said Tommy Brown, director of the Parking and Public Transit Department.

The department says construction won’t shut the bus station down, though it may have a minor impact on shuttle riders.

“It’s going to be an inconvenience, it’s going to add a little time to our schedules,” Brown added.

Although riders may be on their stops a few minutes later than usual, the number of stops and their locations will not change.

“It won’t eliminate stops, but we’ll still have a lot of walk up people that walk up to the station,” explained Brown. “They’ll be able to get here by walking or bicycling.”

The department says it has a plan to make the system run as smoothly as possible.

“We’ve got alternate routes through the downtown area and then we’ll be able to head north.”

Once the construction is complete, the road will be easier and safer to travel. Not only for those in cars, but pedestrians, bus drivers and riders alike.

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