Settlement Reached In Lawsuit Over Deadly Wreck on Bailey Cove

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.(WHNT) – A settlement has been reached in a lawsuit involving a deadly south Huntsville car crash that killed a 10-year-old girl in May 2013.

Huntsville attorney Tommy Siniard told WHNT News 19 the parents of Jaden Coppens have agreed to sign off on a settlement that will end all civil proceedings against Gunner Scarano and his father. Siniard is representing the Coppens family. A judge is expected to formalize the settlement later this month.

The lawsuit was just filed last Friday, the same day prosecutors announced that Scarano would not be charged after his toxicology report came back clean. Police identified Scarano, 18 at the time, as the driver who plowed through 11 different vehicles at two separate locations during the May 28th incident. Jaden Coppens, 10 died in the second wreck at Bailey Cove & Weatherly while riding in a vehicle with her mother and sisters.

“The family did not want this young man prosecuted for murder or for vehicular homicide,” said Siniard. “He [Scarano] is a diabetic. We think that contributed to the accident and they have chosen not to pursue any personal assets of him or his family. But, we have taken every ounce of coverage available through insurance.”

Siniard said the lawsuit was for legal purposes only, since Alabama civil law requires that suits be filed when attempting to reach settlements in cases involving minors. The total insurance payout is more than $300,000.  Siniard indicated the parents are ready to heal and move on.

“They [Coppens family] want me to express that this community has held them together with not only financial contributions early on, but prayers, follow-ups, and they are extraordinarily grateful,” Siniard said.

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