Sensory wall unveiled at Whitesburg Elementary


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Whitesburg Elementary students who receive special education services will get a nice surprise when they return to school.

Grissom High School Alumnus Dey Holt constructed a sensory wall and it was unveiled Friday.

Sensory walls provide students with a therapeutic space to interact that helps them focus and calm their nerves. 

The sensory wall is made of zip ties, a clock with turning hands, different fabrics and pockets, and zippers. 

“You have to make it bigger than yourself.  You can’t just do something like what I did, like build this and give it off and be done with it. You have to actually bring the actual problem to the attention which is funding for teachers,” said Dey Holt.

Holt says she hopes her work can inspire others. 

She is now preparing to head to college at the University of North Alabama.

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