Senator Doug Jones visits Huntsville for Town Hall Discussion

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – As Day 29 of the partial government shutdown comes to a close, many government employees are still looking for answers.

Senator Doug Jones hosted a town hall discussion about what he’s doing in Washington, D.C. to help end the shutdown.

So far, Jones said he has a few bills pending to ensure workers affected by the shutdown receive fair compensation and back pay.

Jones said he believes government workers are being unfairly used as pawns.

“This shutdown is all a political issue,” explained Jones. “So they are political hostages, there`s no question about that. This is all about a political policy and a political campaign promise, and it`s being entrenched on both sides.”

Though the shutdown persists, Jones said he is noticing a shift in the right direction.

“Now that we’ve seen good faith movement,” Jones continued. “The ability that we can talk. Let’s get in there and talk. The problem we’ve seen right now is that the president’s proposal was just a proposal that he and his buddies came up with. The House democrats aren’t talking to the president’s people about theirs. But it’s at least a movement. ”

Jones said common ground can’t be achieved until every side is willing to discuss their proposals.

As he ended his discussion, Jones ensured citizens that he would continue the same discussion in D.C. in hopes that the government finds middle ground.

“Federal workers and the contractors,” stated Jones. “People that do the service to this country should not be held hostage just over politics. I firmly believe that. I’ve continued to vote to keep this government open. I hope to continue to do that. And hopefully we’ll get something on the table pretty soon to do just that.”

Jones places extreme importance on the idea that the shutdown is a result of both parties failing to find a happy medium.

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