Senate candidate Jeff Sessions tours expanding FBI center at Redstone Arsenal

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REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. – Alabama senate candidate Jeff Sessions was in Huntsville on Monday afternoon to tour the new FBI training center being built at Redstone Arsenal.

There aren’t many details being shared about the new center or when it’ll be finished, but former attorney general Sessions says it’ll play a large role in helping train police officers in Alabama.

“When you talk about law enforcement and working relationships, this is what it’s all about in Madison County,” Sheriff Kevin Turner said.

Welcoming former attorney general Jeff Sessions back to Huntsville, city and county leaders toured Redstone Arsenal to take a closer look at the FBI’s expanding center.

“This is actually a draining of the swamp called Headquarters 2,” Sessions said referring to both federal tax dollars and FBI men and women being sent from Washington, D.C. back to Alabama to focus on training agents and police officers.

“We have 400 people here now, who are full-time FBI,” Sessions said. “You can expect another thousand in the next year. Expect over time, as many as five thousand students.”

“This FBI facility is an indicator of the goodness that all of our agencies bring together,” Alabama speaker of the House Mac McCutcheon said.

Not much is known about the expanded training center, including what it’ll look like or how much more money it’ll take to finish it. State and federal leaders expect it to be done in early 2021 and that part of its goal will be focused on stopping potential cyber-attacks.

“We already know the Iranians have attempted to do a cyber attack on the US,” Sessions said.

An ongoing threat, Sessions says, in which the soon to be finished center at Redstone Arsenal will play a vital role in confronting.

WHNT News 19 contacted senate challengers Bradley Byrne, Tommy Tuberville and Arnold Mooney’s campaign to comment on the new FBI center.

Congressman Byrne responded, saying:

“It is truly remarkable how much the FBI has invested in new infrastructure and I am so proud of the lasting legacy Alabamians will have on our law enforcement and national security.”

Tommy Tuberville’s campaign shared this statement:

“Everyone in Alabama should be proud of the new FBI Center being built in Huntsville. A facility of this magnitude training our young men and women to battle cyber terrorism makes Huntsville the tip of the spear.”

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