Second wrongful death lawsuit filed against Madison fireworks factory

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A second wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against a Madison  County fireworks factory after a deadly explosion killed two and injured several others.

The family of Aimee Cothran filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Ultratec Special Effects and several other parties Monday. Cothran and another person were killed and several others were injured when an explosion happened at the fireworks factory, located in Owens Cross Roads.

The first wrongful death lawsuit was filed almost a week ago by the family of Virginia Marie Sanderson.

Deputies told us the explosion happened during the fireworks mixing process. A month later, the Alabama Fire Marshal’s Office issued a cease and desist order for part of the plant, saying that parts of the plant with possible violations were placed under the order.

State Fire Marshal Ed Paulk said the explosions were the result of an “exothermic reaction which occurred during the manufacturing process at the plant.”

The suit claims the company was negligent in its duty to make the factory a reasonably safe workplace.

Cothran’s family has requested a jury trial.

Named in the lawsuit are: Luna Tech, MST Properties, Ultratec Special Effects, Pyroam, Robert Holland, Randy Moore, Mike Thouin, and John Anthony.