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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Police have arrested a second man in connection with a shooting that left a woman dead.

Huntsville police said Wednesday that Jaylen Draper was arrested in connection with the murder of Samantha Coyner, 19, last month on Hillwood Drive.

Police said Coyner was with a group of people who were selling drugs to Draper, Joseph Earls and two other people. Earls and Draper’s group tried to use counterfeit money and followed Coyner’s group after they called off the deal, they said.

Shots were fired from Earls and Draper’s vehicle when both vehicles came to a stop on Hillwood Drive at Chicamauga Trail according to police. Coyner was found laying in the road and was taken to Huntsville Hospital, where she later died.

Earls has already been arrested for capital murder and had his case bound over to a grand jury.