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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The Schools Foundation is encouraging Huntsville Utilities customers to ‘sign up to round up’ and collect money for Madison City, Huntsville City and Madison County Schools. This program allows people to round up their utility bill to the nearest dollar. The total amount added goes back to the school districts.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have too many customers that participate,” Joe Gehrdes, Director of Communications and Public Relations, said. “We’re always looking for new ways to encourage them to sign up; it’s pocket change.”

Huntsville Utilities reports about 5,200 of it’s roughly 191,000 customers sign up for the program. But, they are hoping more people will get involved when they realize it won’t cost them a significant amount.

“At the most, it would be 99 cents added to your bill,” Gehrdes said. “That money goes directly to the Schools Foundation who then shares it with the three school systems in Madison County.”

Last year, the effort raised $31,000 for the schools. The project has raised around $10,000 so far this year.

If you would like for the Sign Up to Round Up program, visit