Scammers use robocalls to target Huntsville Utilities customers

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala – There is a scam going around we want to warn you about. Con artists are posing as Huntsville Utilities, calling people on the phone, and threatening to turn their power off if they don’t pay them with a prepaid debit card.

Joe Gerdes, Huntsville Utilities spokesperson,  says over the weekend the scammers began using robocalls to reach even more residents.

“Customers reported they were getting you know, four and five calls which made them think it must be very important if we keep calling, and calling, and calling,” Gerdes said.

Gerdes says often time scammers will target senior citizens, people who speak English as a second language, and small business owners. He also wants to remind people that the utility company generally does not call people to discuss an issue with their bill.

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