HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Residents and businesses across the city are getting scam calls that threaten customers with disconnection, according to Huntsville Utilities.

“Disconnection Deception” is the name of the game for scammers attempting to lure customers out of their hard-earned money, who have reported getting a phone call saying they are past due on their account and their service is about to be disconnected.

The “spoofed” number still reads as Huntsville Utilities on the caller ID, and the customer is told disconnection will happen within 30 minutes to an hour. In some cases, customers are told that a tech has already been sent to disconnect service.

Scammers have reportedly told customers that the only way to avoid a disruption of service is to buy a pre-paid gift card or debit card, and are then asked to call a specific number as well as provide the numbers from said cards.

Personal banking information might also be requested.

Todd Long with Huntsville Utilities reaffirmed that the company does not call customers and threaten immediate disconnections. They also don’t accept any payments via pre-paid gift cards or pre-paid cards, or by Venmo, CashApp or similar apps.

Customers are encouraged to hang up immediately if they receive a call like this, and are reminded not to give out personal or sensitive information over the phone.

Any customers that may be concerned about disconnection can check the status of their account by calling the Customer Information Center at 256-535-1200 or visiting the “My Account” portal on Huntsville Utilities’ website here.

This warning is encouraged to be shared with elderly neighbors or family members or anyone that may not be tech-savvy, along with anyone whose primary language is not English.

Anyone who thinks they might have already fallen victim to the scam are encouraged to contact their bank/ or financial institution as soon as possible, as well as filing a report with local law enforcement.