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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – September 21st marks the last day of summer, but we’re still feeling the heat! Sometimes that means higher utility bills, too.

With the changing of seasons approaching, energy experts want you to know how you can keep your bills low month to month.

More Efficient Lighting

Jay Newkirk with Energy Huntsville says the incandescent light bulbs we’ve been using year after year, really aren’t all that efficient. He suggests looking into LED lighting.

Cool/Heat Certain Rooms

“Look at your air conditioning control system and make sure that you upgrade that so it’s got some intelligence and then you can control it and program it,” said Newkirk.

Huntsville Utilities says in warmer weather, a two degree increase on your thermostat can save you 5% on your next utility bill.

Attic Insulation

“By exchanging the energy in the attic so it helps hold the energy when you need it in the winter and helps disperse it when its in the summer time and you want to get rid of the heat,” said Newkirk.

He also recommends checking with your service provider for any resources to alleviate trouble you may experience with the changing of seasons.