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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – You might have seen an article shared by some of your Facebook friends Thursday, prompting them to ask if it’s true that the city of Huntsville is planning on building a baseball field at Big Spring Park.

The idea of a baseball park in downtown has been in the news lately, but it’s just an idea right now.

In December 2013, the Southern League owners voted to give the green light to the Huntsville Stars to move to Biloxi, Miss.

Since that vote, speculation has run wild that the stadium, owned by the city of Huntsville and leased to the team, would be relocated — possibly in downtown Huntsville.

A new can of gas has been thrown on that fire from an unusual source. An article from a satire news website in the vein of The Onion called The Rocket Wrangler is being shared on Facebook and commented on as if were a true story.

The article in question. Source: The Rocket Wrangler

The Rocket Wrangler lampoons news, events, and people in Huntsville with articles such as “Huntsville Hospital’s Medical Mall Weighs TV Options After FOX News Fight,” “June Bug Unsure Which Corner of Room to Repeatedly Fly Into,” and “Local Angry Man Hates Everything.”

The article claims that a city spokesperson and planner announced on Wednesday the city’s plans to break ground on a $750 million stadium in Big Spring Park next week that “includes spaces for a bank, several restaurants, a brewery, and several retail outlets.”

Perhaps a little too eager for the story to be true, or worried it might be, people began spreading the story on Facebook without realizing the website, founded in May of this year, was not a mainstream media outlet.

In the About section on The Rocket Wrangler website, you’ll find this description:

“Founded in May 2014 by Huntsville, Alabama’s best-dressed comedian Daniel Kolle, The Rocket Wrangler is Huntsville’s premier website for all things in written humor.

To get the final word on these rumors, we spoke to Downtown Huntsville CEO Chad Emerson, who said, “We celebrate the creativity of the fiction writers in our community. But, it’s obviously not true.”

So, watch out for the new kid on the block. If a story out of Huntsville sounds unbelievable, check your sources before you post it to Facebook.  It may be too good–or crazy–to be true.

Click here to ready the satire piece on The Rocket Wrangler’s website.