Sam and Greg’s introduces limited ‘honeycomb cricket’ gelato flavor for Halloween

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MADISON, Ala. — Out of all the limited edition gelato flavors Sam and Greg’s Pizzeria and Gelato Shop brews up, this particular Halloween-themed treat has an interesting bite with an even better bark.

“We wanted to do it because it was a novel idea for Halloween, you know, the creepy factor,” said Joe Latham, a gelato maker at Sam and Greg’s.

That creepy factor is CRICKETS. Yep. Crickets in creamy gelato.

“Sam just came in one day, showed us the bag of cricket flour and said ‘we’re gonna make a gelato out of it’,” Latham said. “I was a little apprehensive at first, but as I got to learn more about it and saw that it wasn’t actually the bug themselves but like an actual powder, I was like okay, maybe I can actually do this.”

The cricket powder is added to a gelato base. Add some honey and vanilla, and you’ve got yourself the makings of a sweet and creepy treat.

But bringing crickets into the kitchen isn’t all about Halloween. It’s part of an important humanitarian initiative that Sam and Greg’s is hoping to promote.

“We wanted to get past the social stigma of eating bugs,” Latham said. “They’re a great source of protein, they’re actually a lot more environmentally friendly to farm. As the population grows we’re constantly looking for alternative sources of food, trying to think outside the box, and bugs are one of those things.”

But let’s get down to business– how does honeycomb cricket gelato taste? Honestly, kind of earthy, nutty, but still very sweet. Really not that bad!

This limited edition flavor will be available at both the downtown and Madison locations till the batch runs out!

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