Salon Owner Arrested, Charged With Theft & Forgery

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) –  When a viewer contacted us asking about the arrest of a former Huntsville salon owner, we decided to dig a little deeper.  The salon owner is facing some serious charges and likely won’t be styling clients any time soon.

On May 13th, Bonnie Mae Butler, former owner of The Village Salon in Huntsville, was arrested and charged with theft of property, possession of forged checks and forgery.
“Well I was really shocked I had been a customer of the salon since last October and the owner of the salon also was very involved in the local art scene and i’m an artist, and she had asked me to display some of my art there and be involved in a couple of the art nights that she’s had and so I was really shocked when I found out what she’s been accused of because I had art hanging in her salon so I immediately went and removed my art,” said Jennie Staub, a former customer.

Jennie Staub says her former stylist left the salon following butler’s very public arrest during business hours. she says one of the most upsetting aspects of the story is butler’s criminal activity has left her 18-year-old daughter as sole proprietor of the salon.

“What are you supposed to do when you’re that young and your mother is arrested for all these criminal charges and you;re kinda left to deal with it on your own,” said Staub.

Staub say it’s also a shame because she calls the village a good salon.

“If circumstances were different I would sure go back and see the other people there but —  i wouldn’t go back now,” said Staub.

Butler was originally held in Madison County but was transferred to Jefferson County on May 14th.

She is still in the Jefferson County jail at this time.

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