Safety apps and products provide extra defense for realtors, college students, and others

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – As Realtors re-focus on safety, many are turning to technology as an extra line of defense.

App developers are turning cell phones into personal safety devices. Dozens of apps have come on the market, and local Realtors are putting them to use.

“They can be installed on your cellphone and you don`t need to dial a phone number, it`s just an easy button.” said Diane Hasley, a real estate broker and co-owner of Capstone Realty in Huntsville. “The technology and the tools are available, and cell phones are such a part of our lives we might as well use them for safety.”

Hasley knows in a world where her Realtors are running out the door to make a sale, sometimes safety can become an afterthought. At at meeting Wednesday, she introduced her team to the latest safety apps, devices, and updated their safety policy.

Some of the apps she’s encouraging her Realtors to use are Real Alert, Circle of 6, and BSafe. The apps offer live location tracking, they’ll send alerts to family, friends, and authorities if you don’t “check in”, and some allow you to set off an alarm by simply shaking your phone.

“There’s one app called Watch Over Me that’s probably my favorite,” said Hasley. “You program it to begin tracking where you are and you check in continually with it as you are safe. When you’ don’t check in it will notify a loved one or an authority.”

Another product Hasley is excited about using is Cufflinc, fashionable jewelry that also serves as a distress beacon if the wearer is in trouble. The device links to your phone. If a user presses the Cufflinc for 3 seconds, it will send your location, a message, and live audio to an emergency contact of your choice.