HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Despite high gas prices and rising inflation, recreational vehicle sales are higher than normal.

Bankston Motor Homes President Chase Baerlin said people started buying more RVs during the pandemic to accommodate for travel restrictions and sales have continued going up from there.

“Over the past several years we have seen a drastic increase in sales as more people travel domestically,” Baerlin stated.

He said during the pandemic, people felt confined to their local area to slow the spread of COVID-19. Now, Baerlin says people are getting out and traveling.

“There was a recent survey that was just released that said 65 million Americans plan on RVing in the next 12 months with 79% of RVs saying the recent rise in gas prices have no impact on their travel plans,” Baerlin told News 19.

He stated over the past two years, travel plans had to be flexible to adapt to ever-changing health restrictions. But RVs give people the ability to safely travel and social distance from strangers.

“If you go to this museum and maybe it’s an unexpected closure well guess what you have you bed your shower, you have everything you need with you in the parking lot to be able to rest for the night, get up tomorrow and continue on with your plans,” said Baerlin.

Baerlin says Bankston Motor Homes expects the sales trend to continue steadily.

“We’ve continued to see sales increase and they remain at record pace or near-record pace despite the changes in fuel prices because of the value proposition that RVing does provide,” Baerlin concluded.

Baerlin says he doesn’t expect economic conditions or a possible recession to slow down business because there is a variety of sizes and price tags for travel trailers and RVs.