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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — A former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court made several stops in north Alabama Saturday as he campaigns for election to his old seat.

Roy Moore spoke to more than 100 anti-abortion supporters at the Stand Up for Religious Freedom rally at Big Spring Park, one of nearly 150 rallies held nationwide Saturday.

“I’m not here as a politician,” the Republican candidate said.

“I’m not here as a religious leader.  I’m not a minister.  I have been a judge, sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States.”

Moore said many legislators and courts are not upholding the Constitution as they allow abortion to remain legal.

“God created that life and mankind has no right to take it away,” he said.

“This is not just about religion, this is about law; the organic law of our country.”

The judicial candidate said there were laws changed in the 20th and 21st centuries which go against what the founding fathers wanted.

He said the government’s role is to protect life and the rights given by God, and lawmakers have no jurisdiction to take away freedoms in order to give other rights.

“When they pretended to give the right of choice to that woman, they took away the right of life to that child,” Moore said.

He said an unborn child’s right is secured by the Constitution.

The former chief justice and some of the other speakers also talked about gay marriage.

Moore said marriage is not defined by the Constitution, because man cannot redefine something already established by God.

“We wonder why we’re suffering economically, why we’re suffering economically, why we’re suffering the moral decay, and now they want to take away that natural union between a man and woman that’s called family,” he said.

Much of the rally also emphasized opposition to the government healthcare plan, particularly the HHS Mandate and its policies about birth control, and speakers said Obamacare provides free abortions paid for by taxes on other citizens.

“When Jesus said to render to Caesar the things that are Caesar and to God the thing that are God’s, he defined for the first time in history, limitations, on the federal government, the government, on Caesar,” Moore said.

Moore said it is time for the church to take back ground in politics, to stand up for religious freedom, and return Christianity to “One nation, under God.”

The rally concluded with a March for Life and Liberty, from the park to a downtown medical clinic that performs abortions.