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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — News 19 asked, and the users of “r/Alabama” on Reddit responded.

After publishing a story detailing the most bizarre town names in North Alabama, Reddit users chimed in and provided News 19 with the strangest town names from across the entire state. Almost 5,000 users viewed the initial post.

Here are just a few of the best names submitted by those users:

Burnt Corn

Where is it? Burnt Corn, Ala. is an unincorporated community on the county line between Monroe and Conecuh counties.

According to, Burnt Corn came to fruition after the Revolutionary War. The Creek Nation covered the territory but allowed traders into their land to stay and build homes. Those first trading posts on the Native American land attracted travelers heading westward, and earned the area the name “Burnt Corn Springs.”

The name was later shortened to just “Burnt Corn.” See the full history here.

Census data shows that Burnt Corn only showed up on the U.S. Census one time in 1880. At that time, there were 33 residents in the town. Today, around 300 people are living in the community.


Where is it? Java, Ala. is an unincorporated community in, ironically enough, Coffee County.

According to Jim Forte’s Postal History, a post office operated in Java between 1900 and 1907. The Reddit user who suggested it stated, “There’s a community called Java in Coffee County, I chuckle every time [I] pass [through] there.”


Where is it? Choccolocco, Ala. is a census-designated place and unincorporated community in Calhoun County.

According to the Alabama Forestry Commission, the name “Choccolocco” is a combination of the Creek words “Chacko” and “lago,” which mean “shoals” and “big” respectively. It’s home to what the commission called one of the state’s “best-kept treasures,” Choccolocco State Forest.

As of the 2010 census, almost 3,000 people lived in the Choccolocco community.


Where is it? Equality, Ala. is a census-designated place in Coosa County.

Census records show that Equality was once an incorporated community in Coosa County in the 1920s and 1930s. However, it has since lost that status with just 150 people living in the area, according to the 2020 U.S. Census.

The Reddit user who suggested the town name stated, “Equality, just because we have EQUALITY in Alabama!”

Possum Trot

Where is it? Possum Trot, Ala. is an unincorporated town in Calhoun County.

While there wasn’t a ton of information about Alabama’s Possum Trot community, News 19 found that plenty of states had a town with the exact same name. Those states include California, Kentucky, Missouri, Texas, and Virginia.

Fun fact: Possum Trot is the hometown of Rick Bragg, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author.


Where is it? Eutaw, Ala. is a city and county seat of Greene County.

Eutaw, pronounced just like the U.S. state “Utah,” was named after the Battle of Eutaw Springs, the final conflict in the American Revolutionary War. It was formally incorporated in 1841.

According to the 2020 U.S. Census, there were just under 3,000 people living in Eutaw. There are several notable people from Eutaw, including professional football player Bo Scarbrough, Mississippi head basketball coach Cob Jarvis, and Purple Heart recipient Sgt. Matthew Leonard.

Chalybeate Springs

Where is it? Chalybeate Springs, Ala. is an unincorporated community in Lawrence County.

Chalybeate Springs, pronounced “KLEE-bit,” is named for the, well… chalybeate springs in the area. Waters in a chalybeate spring are mineral spring waters with salts of iron. They’re sometimes called ferruginous waters.

One Reddit user said, “There are also towns of the same name in Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee; as well as towns named ‘Chalybeate Springs’ in Arkansas, Georgia, and North Carolina. I’m curious if they’re all pronounced the same.”


Where is it? Yampertown, Ala., also known as Twin, is a town in Marion County. It was incorporated in 2002.

A Reddit user wrote, “Yampertown in Marion County is a head-scratcher, but of course, you also have Gu-Win, which is [a] small ‘town’ between Guin and Winfield.”

Bug Tussle

Where is it? Bug Tussle, Ala. is a rural district in Cullman County, near its border with Walker County.

According to a 1990 clipping from The Tuscaloosa News, Bug Tussle earned its name from an old man spotting a pair of men fighting in the streets from atop a mountain. He said, “They looked like bugs tussling.”

“I was going to say Bug Tussle and Rabbittown,” a Reddit user wrote. “I used to go to the race track in Bug Tussle.”

Scratch Ankle

Where is it? Scratch Ankle is an unincorporated community in Monroe County.

Located just over 10 miles from Monroeville, Scratch Ankle earned its name from locals who were spotted scratching their ankles by railroad workers. The frequent scratching came as a result of excessive bug bites.

A user wrote on the Reddit post,” Scratch Ankle, Neenaw, and Pineapple are all near me. I go through Burnt Corn pretty regularly too.”