Round two of Pop Up Parks in Downtown Huntsville set for October

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – The unexpected and exciting mini-parks that popped up in Downtown Huntsville are making a comeback.

Downtown Huntsville Inc. CEO Chad Emerson announced Wednesday that a dozen small, temporary parks will be set up around the historic Courthouse Square and Washington Street from Oct. 16-26. That’s more than double the time the parks were here last year.

“Move out the cars and bring in the people,” said Emerson. “That’s the motto for the Pop Up Park experience.”

For ten days, the parking spots that like the square will have individual and very difference mini-parks. They are for the young and the old and everyone in between.

All the parks are free and will remain open around the clock.

“If you’re out late one night and you want to enjoy it you can do that,” Emerson said. “If you’re in the morning with the kids and you want to enjoy them, and any time in between.”

Last year, they’re was a life-sized Twister game and a Zen Garden! This year, they’re expected to be different and unique.

Here’s the list of participants this year:

  • 4Site Incorporated
  • Goodwin Mills Cawood
  • Nola Van Peursem Architects
  • Matheny Goldmon Architects
  • Chapman Sisson Architects
  • Fuqua & Partners Architects
  • Land Trust of North Alabama
  • Click Real Estate
  • Dynetics YP Group
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment


Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment, a first-time Pop Up Park participant, plans to promote a Halloween event with their idea. Media Director Dustin Timbrook said the temporary park will evoke the feel of a demented Chuck E. Cheese’s-type pizza joint where all the video games are broken.

“We’re treating it as a promotion/preview of ‘Pizza Party Massacre II: Revenge of the Sauce-A-Tron’,” said Timbrook. “That’s our big Halloween seasoned show.”

Timbrook said their parking space will frustrate the gamers of Huntsville.

“Those arcades at Showbiz Pizza, they’re always pretty broken and frustrating. So, we’re going to have some games that don’t really work the way people expect them to.”

What you should expect is a new, different experience. That’s what makes Pop Up Parks so exciting. They’re temporary, and easy to change.

Crunkleton & Associates is sponsoring the Pop Up Park event.