Role Call App changes how you find a job

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - It is the ultimate in job flexibility and a local company is pioneering the idea.

"If I wake up on Saturday and want to pick up a shift, I can log into the app, choose a shift, and go," said Glenn Clayton, CEO of Appleton.

They've developed an app called Role Call and it is providing flexibility in the workplace. Think of a job like Uber and Lyft, but for someone who wants to "Be a chef, work in healthcare or hospitality. You can pick up shifts whenever you want, doing those types of jobs," explained Clayton.

Letting you find a schedule that works for you or provide "An avenue to get in touch with a lot of different types of jobs- to discover what you're really passionate about, but the stability to have one employer," said Clayton.

Because the employees are actually employed by Role Call. "So they're able to access benefits, employee protections. And have all of the benefits of being an employee while having the flexibility."

If you don't have the skills you need. “We`ll actually train them and help them gain those skills."

So you can advance. “I can start out in one place and in time actually increase my earnings."

You`'e reviewed on your work which helps filter out the best jobs for you, and the best employees for businesses.

"I work and assist the teachers in the classroom with special needs students," said Shandrika Woods.

Which means during the summer months Woods is looking for work. "The summertime is usually slow for employment. Most employers aren't looking for short-term employees."

This summer, though, she's not worried about it.she's now an employee of Role Call. "The benefit of this job is you can take a job for as long as you need to take a job."

Whether that need is just for the day- or for a week, month or year. "Flexibility is key, and that's what a lot of people tend to look for in jobs these days," said Woods.

And now employers are looking for the same thing. Dr. Neena James is considering the app for her office. "I just think it`s a great way to meet supply and demand, so we may have a temporary need for help. our employees may be sick or on vacation and they have lives outside the office and it`s a good way for us to get that help we need in a reliable manner."

And beyond temporary work, the app could help them in long-term hiring. "It could be nice to try someone out and make sure they're going to be a good fit," said James.

Interested in learning more? Appleton is hosting a recruitment event at Yellowhammer on April 26 from 4 unitl 10 p.m. They're looking to hire 100 more people.

You can also check them out here,