HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – The Rocket City Juneteenth Music Fest brought together artists, musicians, and local vendors at Lowe Mill Arts on Saturday to celebrate Juneteenth.

“It’s a great opportunity to get out and meet people and do things you normally wouldn’t do,” said attendee Chase Robinson. “We’ve been in the middle of COVID, so it feels good to get out and talk to people.”

Local businesses and vendors had the opportunity to share their art, and people sat on the lawn while listening to the musical performances.

“It’s important to give African American businesses a platform on a special day like this because I think there is so much talent and so much art and creativity within our culture,” said attendee Chester Rogers. “So, letting people come and experience it is so important.”

The festival acts as a fundraiser for the United Entertainment Group Fund, an organization that supports local artists, musicians, and actors pursue careers in the arts.

“It brings us all together. We can talk about real issues that are going on in our community,” said event spokesperson Alexia Williams. “It allows people to express themselves.”

The Juneteenth holiday commemorates the end of slavery in the United States. The day of remembrance was first celebrated in 1865, but celebrations now take place all over the country. The official holiday takes place on Sunday, June 19, but Juneteenth celebrations are scheduled across North Alabama throughout the month of June.