Robbery suspect targeted elderly, Huntsville police say

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Huntsville police say a man arrested for robbery told them he picked elderly victims because “they don’t fight back.”

Frederick Oneal McCreary, 22, was arrested Sunday on two counts of third-degree robbery.

McCreary is accused of going on a crime spree Sunday that started with stealing an 84-year-old man’s wallet in the area of Willis Circle and Colice Road around 7:30 a.m.

According to police, McCreary flagged down the victim and asked to use his phone. After he used the phone and handed it back, McCreary asked for $3. When the victim pulled out his wallet, police said McCreary grabbed it and drove away.

About 30 minutes later, police said McCreary was spotted reaching into a rolled-down vehicle window at a home on Hermitage Avenue. A neighbor yelled at him and McCreary left without getting anything, police said.

Just before noon, police were working on those two cases when they received a call that a 74-year-old man had his wallet forcefully taken from him at a home on Fernbrook Drive. According to police, the victim said McCreary approached him while he was in line at the Dollar General Market on Blue Springs Road and asked for money. The victim said no, but McCreary followed him from the store to his home, police said, where he asked for the man’s phone before throwing him to the ground and taking his wallet.

Police used tag information and vehicle description from witnesses in all three cases to track down the car to an apartment on Venona Avenue. Police said McCreary confessed after they showed him video evidence.

When asked why he chose elderly victims, police said McCreary told them “They don’t fight back.” They said he also told them he followed the second victim home because he didn’t like the way the victim told him no when he asked for money at the store.

Jail records show McCreary is free after posting bonds totaling $30,000.

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