Roadside sign seeks details on firetruck-motorcycle accident

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – You may have seen a sign in the Jones Valley area offering a cash reward for information about a collision. The wreck involved a Huntsville fire truck and a motorcycle.

The mysterious sign popping up around the intersection of Whitesburg Drive and Four Mile Post Road is offering money for information about a collision that took place on April 10 — when a man on a motorcycle collided with a City of Huntsville fire truck. The law firm representing the motorcyclist is behind the sign.

“We put the signs up in the hopes that someone that was on the scene could recall what happened and could talk to us,” said Jeremiah Hodges with Hodges Trial Lawyers.  The police report shows that the biker, traveling on Whitesburg, ran into the back of the fire truck that was turning from Four Mile Post.

“We have limited information as far as what really happened because our client suffered a head injury and really doesn’t remember much about the time of the incident,” said Hodges. The fire engine was going through a red light, but the city says the fire truck used the proper lights and sirens to warn oncoming traffic. The law says they also have to slow down at every intersection.  Hodges hopes witnesses can help hammer down what really happened.

“They have to take reasonable steps to make sure that the intersection is safe to go through the red light or stop sign and its our contention that that was not done,” Hodges said.

Hodges hopes to reach a resolution with the city without litigation. As for the sign, his firm is still hoping to gather more details. Hodges plans to file a notice of claim as the Gulf Shores biker recovers from his head injury.

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