Reward offered for items stolen from Huntsville nature trail parking lot


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A Huntsville woman had her purse stolen from her car while at a local hiking trail and now she is pleading with the public to help her get back some of the stolen personal items.

Amber Schmidt went hiking with a friend on Monte Sano to clear her mind on Wednesday.

“We went hiking a bit and went off the waterline trail,” says Schmidt.

But when she got back from the hike she noticed her purse was gone.

“It was stupid to leave it in there but I kind of covered it up and I thought my doors were locked. I didn’t realize that the locking mechanism was malfunctioning,” says Schmidt.

Schmidt says her mind started to race. She and her friend searched all around the parking lot of the trail head for her missing purse.

“You would think it would be safe being in such a nice neighborhood,” says Schmidt.

Medication, her drivers license and bank cards along with sentimental items… all gone.

“They even have my house keys and there is a receipt in there where I just paid rent so they even know where I live. But I got the locks thankfully changed,” says Schmidt.

She says thankfully a local lock company let her in her house and changed the locks. That solved the missing key issue. But Schmidt says she needs her driver’s license to visit her mom in the hospital.

“Actually the day it was stolen my mom went into the hospital…. And they want a drivers license or some form of identification to go in and I don’t have that now and its really sad because yesterday was her birthday and I didn’t get to go see her like having to deal with all of this,'” says Schmidt.

But she has to go over some hurdles to get identification.

“I just got out of a bad relationship and my ex took my birth certificate. My license was a Georgia license, so they made it a little bit more difficult to get that information. I have to wait a couple of weeks to get my driver’s license,” says Schmidt.

She says it’s been a hard week and is asking the community to keep an eye out for the items stolen from the three Monte Sano Land Trust Parking lot near Three Caves.

“With my mom going into the hospital and just a lot of things I’ve been dealing with just to get back my things would mean a lot and would really help me out,” says Schmidt.

Schmidt is offering a reward and says if someone will return the stolen items she can arrange the payment no questions asked.

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