Resource Guide created to support musicians through COVID-19


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The City of Huntsville has partnered with Sound Diplomacy, a global music consulting organization, to be the first city in the U.S. to have a personalized resource guide for musical artists.

Sound Diplomacy’s mission is to help cities be more music-friendly and grow their economies through music. They do this through financial support, marketing and branding help, webinars, livestream guides, and grant opportunities.

The Huntsville Music Advisory Board started this partnership pre-COVID-19, but now all efforts are being focused on helping the music industry survive.

“Everybody’s feeling this pinch,” said music board member Codie Gopher. “No matter how big the artist is, no matter how big the venue was. Everybody is experiencing some hard times right now.”

The music board worked with Sound Diplomacy to develop a COVID-19 Global Resource Guide to aid the local music community through this difficult time. The guide includes resources on the community, state, and region, and is presented in an organized fashion to help musicians get access to information and resources as quickly as possible.

To help boost awareness and revenue for local musicians, the music board is curating a Huntsville Spotify playlist. Any artist can be featured by contacting a music board member.

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