Residents of Sparkman Homes begin relocation process

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – In October of last year, the Huntsville City Council voted to demolish the subsidized housing community Sparkman Homes, which is operated by the Huntsville Housing Authority.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development recently approved the relocation of all residents of this community. It’s time for people and families living in the subsidized-living complex to begin relocating.

Residents have known the demolition of their neighborhood was coming for a while, and many are excited about the opportunity to start somewhere fresh.

One resident said she’ll be relieved to take her young daughter and leave the neighborhood.

“I want her to be able to grow up in a nice neighborhood with nice friends, and not have to worry about running from gunshots and none of the craziness.”

She’s lived at Sparkman Homes for two years.

“It’s not safe. There’s so much stuff going on out here, gun violence, people not caring about other people’s kids and their safety.”

All residents of Sparkman Homes will be given a Section 8 voucher allowing them to find a home of their choosing as long as the voucher is accepted there, and wherever they choose will still be subsidized by the government.

This mother said she’s looking forward to raising her family in a safer environment where she believes they’ll have better opportunities.

“For our kids to grow up in a better neighborhood, we get different choices where our kids can go to school, so I think it’s a good idea.”

Residents were given notice this week that they have 90 days to find a new place to live and start moving their belongings. If they can’t find a home of their choice by then, they’ll be relocated to another subsidized housing community.

A meeting will be held for Sparkman Homes residents Wednesday, July 24.

The meeting will update residents about HUD’s approval of the demolition application and offer more details about the next steps in the relocation process for those that want to transfer to public housing and those that want to move with a voucher. Residents will also hear from the moving companies procured by the Huntsville Housing Authority about how best to prepare for their relocation and moving process. Residents will also be provided with an opportunity to ask questions about the relocation process.

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