MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — On Tuesday morning, a concrete truck left the road and crashed into a field off of Green Mountain Road, near Joel Drive. Huntsville Police told News 19 that the driver was injured, but is expected to recover.

That scenario is all too familiar for Brandy Wilson, who lives near where the crash happened.

A concrete truck crashed into a field off of Green Mountain Road on October 10th, 2023.

Wilson, who has lived on Green Mountain Road for most of her life, told News 19 that crashes and near-crashes happen frequently in that area. “Big trucks, logging trucks, cement trucks, and vehicles will lose their brakes because coming down the mountain” she said. “It’s curvy, it’s steep and curvy.”

She believes it is a dangerous stretch of road, due to the steep terrain, curves, and straightaways where people speed up. News 19 was first introduced to Wilson when she and her husband spoke at a Huntsville Planning Commission meeting in July.

At that meeting, Wilson expressed her concerns about safety on that stretch of road and her thoughts on a planned subdivision. She said earlier this year, a concrete truck had ended up in a field near her home.

A concrete truck that crashed into a field off of Green Mountain Road, earlier in 2023. Photo provided by Brandy Wilson.

At the time, Wilson said, “People will lose their lives… this is a hazard, this is a danger.”

Photos from the crash on Tuesday are almost identical to photos provided by Wilson from the concrete truck crash earlier this year.

Wilson also shared multiple videos from her home security cameras that show multiple accidents over recent years involving the sharp curve near her home.

One video depicts a smaller SUV hitting the curve too fast, running off the road and crashing into a pole. Another video shows a pack of motorcycle riders coming down the mountain, over-correcting after the curve and crashing into her yard. An even longer clip shows a green truck leaving the road after it hit the curve, driving through Wilson’s yard, and narrowly missing parked vehicles and trees.

Wilson said she shared these videos as examples of the multiple accidents over the years. She said this is a major concern as a subdivision is being built in the field where Tuesday’s crash happened. She said the truck landed in the area slated for “lot 13 or 14”.

She says she’s worried that once the homes are built, a vehicle will end up in someone’s living room. “We want it on record many, many, many times, that we’re concerned more about someone’s loss of life than anybody’s bottom line,” Wilson stated.

Wilson and her husband said they are all about progress and understand more construction will happen on the mountain, but that they hope the City of Huntsville and developers look at the safest ways to do so.

News 19 reached out to the developer of the new subdivision. However, at this time we have not heard back.