Residents at Huntsville apartment complex approach day three with no running water

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.- Residents in a Huntsville apartment complex are approaching day three without running water. People living at the Paddock Club at Providence woke up to find their water shut off on Monday morning.

"We got an email from the office manager telling us that there was a water outage for the whole complex," said resident Lauren Barber.

Barber says the complex turned on the water for a couple of hours Tuesday morning and advised residents to fill containers with water before it was shut off again.

"I saw a family coming from the pool area with multiple buckets that they had filled up from the pool," said Barber.

The Paddock Club at Providence offered bottled water to residents, but Barber says it wasn't enough.

"My boyfriend went by there last night and ended up just having to go to the store and buy a whole case," said Barber.

The email update sent to residents Tuesday morning just before 9:30 AM is as follows:

"Dear Residents,

I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your patience and understanding yesterday during the water outage. The extent of the main break was much more difficult than we realized and took far longer to repair than anyone expected. Unfortunately, there is another problem and we will have to shut the water off again. We will keep the water on until at least 10:30 to allow time for showers, etc. At this point, I do not know how long the repair will take. I know this is a huge inconvenience and you surely must be frustrated. Please understand this is completely unforeseen and we will do everything in our power to get this taken care of as quickly as possible and do our best to make this situation go as smoothly as possible under the circumstances.

Here are some tips in case the outage lasts all day again:

Shower, etc. as quickly as possible.

Fill some containers with water.

Fill your bath tub, you can use that water to fill the back of your commode to flush the toilet.

 I know it does not help much, but we have some donuts in the office if you want to stop by for donuts and coffee. Please feel free to call me if I can help you with anything."

Thank you again for all your patience.

Kind regards,

Cynthia Schrimsher

Property Manager

The Paddock Club at Providence

"They told us they had complimentary doughnuts in the office and I just feel like that's not really acceptable," said Barber.

WHNT News 19 reached out to the Paddock Club at Providence. They declined to do an interview but issued this statement.

"The Paddock Club can confirm that, as we communicated to our residents this morning, there was an unexpected break in the water main which we are working around the clock to repair.  Unfortunately it was necessary to turn off the water to repair the break in the main, resulting in a water outage.   We appreciate our residents’ patience as we work through this issue.  We will continue to update residents as to the status of the repair."

Cynthia Schrimsher, CAM, MLA ®

Property Manager

Barber says with what she feels is minimal assistance being offered from the complex, residents are having to find their own solutions.

"We can't even brush our teeth here, we can't wash our hands, we can't shower," said Barber. We don't have family in the area so we have contemplated even having to get a hotel room for the night," said Barber.

There's no timeline for when the water could be turned back on but property managers say crews will be working non stop until it is fixed.

This is the update sent to residents Tuesday evening just before 6 p.m.

"Dear Residents,

 We are still working to get the main water line repaired. Mr. Rooter is working very hard to complete repairs and restore service as soon as they can. I do not have a specific time for completion however; they have assured us they will be here until water is back on.

 I cannot thank you all enough for your continued patience during this unforeseen event. My team and I greatly appreciate all the kindness you have shown."

Residents tell WHNT News 19 the complex had a similar situation around this time last year and were left without water. They are frustrated this is happening again.

WHNT is working to figure out

  • What caused the damage to the water main
  •  If there an estimated time for the repairs
  •  What residents should do about showers/bathroom facilities in the meantime
  •  If there is any assistance available for residents. If residents will be compensated in any way