Residents and county commissioner discuss changes to nature trail after-hours access

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. — The Green Mountain community and the Madison County Commission are discussing potential changes to Madison County Trail access and the possibility of having to pay a fee to enter.

Madison County District 3 Commissioner Craig Hill says yes, this is an idea, but only that. Nothing is set and stone and there are plenty of opportunities for this conversation to be redirected.

“We know there’s been some people that have been coming in, and some people that would like to come in,” Hill said. “So we’re trying to work through a process with the county where we can allow after-hour use.”

The current proposal is that after-hours access would be allowed to anyone who bought an after-hours pass, for $25 a year.

WHNT News 19 spoke with one Green Mountain resident, Matt Mandeville, who doesn’t understand why this discussion is necessary.

“The neighbors I’ve talked to, they have no idea why anyone would even consider this a good idea,” he said. “Why would I need to go at two in the morning? I don’t know what could benefit anybody from doing that.”

Hill said the money from these additional fees would go toward maintaining the park.

“We intend to use those funds to improve the park, make the park safer, security reasons, and improvements in the wear and tear of the park,” he said.

Mandeville doesn’t think the pros of having more funds would outweigh the cons to having people in the park after hours.

“I feel like there’s too much risk and litigation, there’s worse things that can happen than good things that can happen,” he said.

Hill held a meeting Wednesday evening to address residents’ concerns. We will update this story when we know how the meeting went.

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