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UPDATE:  The puppy has been rescued as of early Saturday morning.  Please click for latest story.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — There’s a rescue effort underway in south Huntsville for a deaf 7-week-old puppy named Toffee on Lenlock Drive. Crews have been working to rescue Toffee since 5 o’clock Thursday evening when she fell down a hole estimated to be about 50 feet deep.

Toffee’s story captured the attention of hundreds after her foster family posted a call for help on a local lost pet Facebook page.

The foster owner says she didn’t know about the hole before Toffee fell in. She said it was mostly covered up with rocks, and the crevice was only completely revealed when a rescue team arrived.  Crews have tried lowering a person down, but the entrance to the hole is about 5 inches wide.

Rescue teams are using all of their resources– they’ve lowered down many different crates, tarps, ropes, duffle bags, food items, etc., to try to lure Toffee into a place where she can be lifted. Huntsville Fire & Rescue have a camera on the end of a plumbing pipe that is lowered into the crevice. They can see that Toffee is alive and moving around, but she is resting under a ledge that is out of reach of all the items that have been lowered down to her.

She has been provided with food, water, and ways to stay warm down in the hole.