Renters of closed apartments say they didn’t get timely notice

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The Brooks Apartments complex on Governor’s Drive near Stovehouse has been sold. Residents have been told they have to move out.

One woman, Keosha Mason, tells WHNT News 19 she has to be out by tomorrow but was only notified earlier this week. She came home Tuesday morning to a letter on her door that she says she was not expecting.

“I flipped it over, read it, and I broke down in tears,” she said.

The letter reads in part, “As of November the first, all personal possessions should be removed from the premises, and any keys left in the possession of the property manager.”

People living here pay week to week and don’t have leases, but even so, Keosha, who has a young daughter and another baby on the way feels she could have been given sooner notice.

“I’m due to be delivered here in four more weeks,” she said. “I’m being induced.”

WHNT News 19 talked to other residents– all preparing to move. Some said they had several months notice. Others, like Keosha, said they just found out this week.

“[The property manager] tells me I have till October the 31st to be out, have all my belongings out and turning in my key, I’m like, where are we supposed to go,” said John Brown, another renter who was surprised by the notice to vacate,

WHNT News 19 talked to the property manager off-camera, who says all residents were told this would happen months ago.

The letter states that renters can contact the property manager with any questions, but weren’t given any contact information.

The people moving out say they’ve been told they won’t be getting their security deposits back because they didn’t give seven days notice prior to their move-out date.

WHNT News 19 did connect with the new property owner, who said he’s not aware of any of this, and it’s the responsibility of the previous property owners to complete this business.

The previous property owners live in Florida, and we were unable to contact them.

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