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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Some additional jobs are expected to be added to Huntsville’s Remington plant following the company’s announcement a facility in Mayfield, Kentucky will close.

Remington Outdoor Company announced Thursday its Mayfield plant will close, impacting roughly 200 employees.  Jessica Kallam of Remington Firearms tells WHNT News 19 she “would expect fewer jobs to open at our Huntsville facility” but that some are coming to Huntsville.

The announcement is part of an effort to “improve our competitive position in the market,” said Kallam.

On a day where 200 people are out of work, it’s hard for Huntsville Mayor Battle to celebrate. “You don’t ever like to see another area close down,” says Battle. He sees this move as a business decision. “I think you can understand the economics of it and the idea of consolidation and how quality control can be done with consolidation,” says Battle.

250 miles separate Mayfield, KY and Huntsville, meaning relocating equipment alone will take some time. Jessica Kallam of Remington says some of those jobs will come to Huntsville, but not all. “We’re glad to have the work but we also wish the Kentucky area well too,” says Mayor Battle.

Huntsville’s Remington plant has more than 300 employees earning $29 an hour, according to a recent audit.

An additional 1,700 employees are expected to be added over the next 7 years. “That was in the development agreement that it would take 7 years to get 2,000 employees and it looks like they will be exactly there,” says Battle.

The city will continue to keep tabs on Remington’s progress, as a part of the incentives the city provided for the gun manufacturer to move to the Tennessee Valley in 2014. The Mayor says, “they put together one of the best operations in advanced manufacturing operations that I’ve seen in my time.’

Madison County Commission Chairman Dale Strong says he hopes Remington continues to consolidate, in Huntsville favor. “I’ll never be satisfied with 2,000 jobs. I’m hoping at one point Madison County will be the corporate headquarters for Remington Firearms,” says Strong.