Redstone Federal awards $65,000 in college scholarships during its 65th anniversary


Redstone Federal Credit Union awarded its annual scholarships to 14 student members. The students were recognized at a dinner held at the Wynn Drive Headquarters Building of the Credit Union.
Pictured from left to right Back: William Clark McAllister, Alexander Jacob Thompson, Noah Oliver Lombard. Front: Lauryn Kacy Hudson, Jami Isabella Sanchez, Kelly Stephens, Carliss Spencer.
Not Pictured: Emily Klae Hopkins, Haley Pierce Wheeler, Jeleesah Weakley, Joshua Mckinley Lovett, Joy Gullo, Taylorgrace Jurhs, Chelsea Lynne Moore. (Image: Redstone Federal Credit Union)

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Redstone Federal Credit Union celebrated its 65th anniversary in a big way.

The credit union selected 14 recipients for its annual college scholarship program. In total, they awarded $65,000 in scholarships to support higher education in the community, the credit union said.

The essay-based application asked students about their opinion on  honoring traditions while moving forward or if those traditions hinder development.

“It is always a pleasure to read the essays that these bright and talented students submit to us,” assistant vice president of community relations at Redstone Mary Grace Evans said. “Each has their own unique perspective on the topic and it truly makes us feel good that we can help them, from a financial perspective, achieve their dream of pursuing a degree in higher education.”

The following is a list of the 14 scholarship recipients and the school they will attend:

  • Chelsea Lynne Moore, Bennett College
  • Lauryn Kacy Hudson, University of North Alabama
  • Alexander Jacob Thompson, Auburn University
  • Joshua Mckinley Lovett, Duke University
  • Haley Pierce Wheeler, Missippi State University
  • Noah Oliver Lombard, University of Alabama in Huntsville
  • Joy Gullo, Oakwood University
  • Kelly Stephens, Middle Tennessee State University
  • Taylorgrace Jurhs, University of Northwestern St. Paul
  • Jeleesah Weakley, J.F. Drake State Community College
  • Jami Isabella Sanchez, Calhoun Community College
  • Emily Klae Hopkins, Athens State University
  • Carliss Jessica Spencer, Alabama A&M University
  • William Clark McAllister, Alabama A&M University

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